(Pescados y Mariscos del Caribe S.A. de C.V.)

Progreso, Yucatán, México

and its’ exclusive United States importer and distributor


St. Bernard, Louisiana, USA

PESMAR and MAYALAND produce and distribute wild-caught fresh and frozen fish and shellfish from the Caribbean and fresh and pasteurized crabmeat from the Bay of Campeche. A wide variety of fish and shellfish are processed at PESMAR’s modern, 10000 sq. ft. facility in the heart of the Yucatan’s fish district. Crabmeat from the true Blue Crab is processed at PESMAR’s state-of-the-art plant in the East Coast State of Campeche.  For all of PESMAR’ products, guaranteed consistent quality, long shelf life, and on-time delivery are standard.

PESMAR and MAYALAND service export markets in the U.S., Europe and Asia. International transportation is convenient to PESMAR’s facilities. For fresh products, air transport to most major U.S. cities and foreign hubs is available from Cancun and Merida. For frozen products, reliable ocean transport is available from the Port of Progresso.

In addition to direct exports from Mexico, inventories of some of our products are maintained in conveniently located cold storage facilities in the U.S.


All fish and shellfish that we offer are and wild-caught and line-caught. Our long history with the Progresso fleet and our emphasis on day-boats ensures that we receive the pick of the catch. Also, our meticulous handling and packing procedures result in a shelf life that greatly exceeds the industry norm. Fish are available whole fresh, whole frozen, fresh fillets, vacuum packaged frozen fillets, Octopus are available fresh and frozen.


Campeche Bay is unique in providing an economical crabmeat, nearly shell-free and available year-round, with the sweet, delicate flavor and texture of the true Blue Crab.

Campeche Bay brand crabmeat is processed exclusively from the true Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus. The state-of-the-art processing facility, established in 2010, is located adjacent to the Bay of Campeche and the turquoise waters of the southern Gulf of Mexico.  Available year-round, Campeche Bay fresh and pasteurized crabmeat is packed nearly shell-free to exact specifications. Our presentations are Jumbo Lump, Super Lump, Lump, Claw and Cocktail Fingers.  Custom pack arrangements are available for fresh crabmeat as well as pasteurized in 401diameter metal cans and 401 and 307 diameter plastic cups.


Pesmar facilities in Mexico
Mayaland Seafood, U.S.A.